Christmas Day deadline is not enough time to review Nation Rise document dump

An open letter to the province regarding 3,980 pages added to residents’ holiday plate

The Editor: 

Good evening Ms. WynneMr. Ballard and Mr. Thibeault.

Your Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) and Portuguese-based EDPR have launched the next phase of their effort to ram upwards of 33 massive industrial wind turbines into our beautiful township.

As I have done in the past,  I will simply explain in real words what the next phase of the Nation Rise Wind Project looks like.

The recent Notice of Posting to the Environmental Registry referred the citizens of North Stormont to the Nation Rise Wind Farm’s project site where a mountain of documents awaits their review with the citizens provided with an opportunity to give input into the Registry.   The pile of EDPR documents is very impressive and continues to grow (currently sits at 3,980 pages), and it all must be important stuff otherwise why would the information find its way into the files.      

Despite Portuguese-based EDPR’s repeated assurances to the citizens of North Stormont that there is absolutely nothing to worry about regarding impacts to the environment, bird and bats, water quality, stray voltage, noise, property value, human health, shadow flicker or other irritants, I know and you should know full well that there are significant negative impacts to citizens who unfortunately find themselves living within the confines of an industrial power generating facility’s project location.

The timing for feedback to the Registry is rather peculiar in that it only allows the citizens of North Stormont 41 days to read the mountain of final documents and provide their comments by end of Christmas Day.  Unlike EDPR and your government who seem to have unlimited resources available to help shove 33 turbines down our throats, the citizens of North Stormont are juggling other things on top of worrying about 662 foot wind turbines coming into their back, front and side yards.

This is especially true during the busiest time of the year in the run up to Christmas with fall field work,  office work, sports tournaments, shopping, baking, Christmas concerts, Christmas gatherings, church and travel on most peoples’ minds.

It almost seems as if the 41-day period was strategically chosen in an effort to limit the amount of public commentary/input to the MOECC  Registry.

Surely Ms. Wynne,  your new “fairness to all” Ontario does not envision the citizens of North Stormont taking time away from family and friends on Christmas Day  to finish reading the last 1,000 pages or so of EDPR-prepared documentation in order to submit their input to meet the end-of-day Christmas Day deadline. 

Furthermore, your government is offering absolutely no help or financial resources to the citizens of North Stormont to secure independent third-party consultants and/or lawyers to truly determine whether the citizens of North Stormont are getting a fair shake throughout the Nation Rise Wind Project  approval process.

The citizens of North Stormont have limited options other than to read the thousands of pages of documentation, crack open old textbooks to hone up on their biology, physicsmath and legal knowledge base to better understand the content.  The only other option of course being the hiring  professionals to do this work, which will run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars to be paid out of our own wallets.

As mentioned in previous correspondence with you,  it’s a real life David and Goliath situation playing out in North Stormont.   

It’s very much like a boxing match where in the one corner you have a boxer with his/her arms tied behind their back (the citizens of North Stormont) and in the other corner you have the other boxer flexing his/her muscles (MOECC and Portuguese based EDPR) ready to crush/knock out/destroy (whichever term you use)  the boxer with his/her arms tied behind their back.

The boxing match is completely rigged from the start by way of your government’s relentless push for more turbines across rural Ontario, your Government’s drafting of turbine friendly “rules” contained in Ontario’s Green Energy Act to make it happen and the fact that people on your payroll are making the decisions as to whether  the wind developer’s research and plans roughly fit(s) within the turbine friendly rules.”

The “system” is designed to take away all obstacles that may stand in the way of your precious turbines going into the township of North Stormont, despite our classification by your government as a marginal wind area. 

It’s as simple as that, when we take a moment and stand back and take stock of what the next phase of the review and approval process looks like. 

Ms. Wynne, Mr. Ballard and Mr. Thibeault, I have written several letters to you, and Mr. Grant Crack, Parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, which to date all have been completely ignored, which I believe is textbook application of your “system.”    

Highly annoying indeed, but I will ask you two simple questions that you cannot avoid and should not take you much time to respond.  Surely I will get a response from you this time.

  1. Given that the timing of the Notice of Posting to the Environmental Registry is completely inappropriate, will you repost the 45-day period to start January 1st, 2018?  This project has been hanging over the heads of citizens for well over two years and as such I am requesting that you please let us enjoy our Christmas holiday without feeling guilty because we are spending time with family instead of reading turbine documents;
  2. Who is ultimately accountable to the citizens of North Stormont when problems arise during the construction and 20-40 year operational period of the Nation Rise Wind Farm Project?   The citizens of North Stormont need to know where to send the bills if our quality of life, health, water, property values etc. are negatively impacted by the Nation Rise Wind Project. The citizens of North Stormont have not received a straight answer to this question to date.  Do we send our bills to the Premier of Ontario, the project developer/owner or to the participating land owners who invited the foreign owned wind project developer into the township in the first place?

Ms. Wynne, your pre-election ads suggest you are there to support Ontario families; well there is no better time to start on this by cancelling the Nation Rise Wind Project. 

That would be fairness to the families living in North Stormont. 

Ms WynneMr. Ballard, and Mr. Thibeault I look forward to hearing back from you and please copy everyone on my distribution list when you do so.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Raymond Grady,



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