Inaugural Dr. Gerrard E. Swensson-Rosenquist Emeritus Scholarship awarded

Seen in photo above: Dr. Gerry Rosenquist presenting award to the first recipient Dr. Wendy Zhang. Courtesy photo

Congratulations to Dr. Wendy Zhang who is the first recipient of the Dr. Gerrard E. Swensson-Rosenquist Emeritus Scholarship.

The scholarship was established in 2010 by Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) in

celebration of Dr. Rosenquist’ s long term commitment to medicine, the community and WDMH. Now retired, Dr. Rosenquist provided exemplary care to the communities that WDMH serves for over 50 years.

The scholarship is awarded to a family medicine resident who commits to supporting WDMH and the surrounding community. Dr. Wendy Zhang embodies this community spirit. Dr. Zhang completed her two-year family medicine residency at WDMH in June. Since then, we continue to see her providing back-up coverage at the hospital and in the community.

“I am so honoured to be the first recipient of the Dr. Gerrard E. Swensson-Rosenquist Emeritus Scholarship,” noted Dr. Wendy Zhang. “Having completed my family medicine residency at WDMH, I have experienced the collegiality of the staff and seen their passion for delivering high quality patient care. I am proud to join the Winchester team and to uphold this commitment to compassionate excellence for our community.”

Dr. Rosenquist says he was pleased to present the scholarship to Dr. Zhang: “And I hope to be able to present quite a few more. I recently had my own ‘patient’ experience at WDMH, which demonstrated to me the quality of care and empathy that was shown by the nurses, lab staff, floor workers and doctors of ‘my’ hospital. I expect – no, I demand – that it stays that way. Perhaps this scholarship will help a little, to ensure that dream.”

“The WDMH Foundation was honoured to be asked to accept donations to the scholarship on the committee’s behalf and to steward these donations through the endowment fund,” notes Kristen Casselman, Managing Director of the WDMH Foundation. “It’s wonderful to see those funds being put to such appropriate use – to support the next generation of medical students.”

Congratulations Dr. Zhang!


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