Parent volunteers help St.Mary students ‘wrap’ Christmas gifts for friends and family

Seen in image above: (left to right) Parent volunteers Christie Brewer, Krista Adams, Julie Pilote, Renée Moores, and Stacey Weagant. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

CHESTERVILLE — St. Mary Catholic School students filled their bags with gifts for the whole family this morning.

The school’s 15th annual Christmas Wrap Program was a huge success! There were toys, games, books, camping gear, and various other gifts for purchase.

Families and community members sent in unused items to be donated and purchased by students for their family members.

The event wouldn’t have happened without the many kind parent volunteers.           

Head of the Christmas Wrap Program Stacey Weagant is so grateful for everyone’s help. “A special thanks to all of our donors. FCC gave 200 bags to the students to get all of their treasures home,” she said.    

Seen in image above: More parent volunteers (left to right) Andrea Thomas, Patricia Guy, Stacey Weagant, Patti Backs, Marilyn Cofield. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

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