St. Mary students bring the Christmas story to life at annual Christmas concert

Seen in image above: St. Mary Grade 3 students belt out Christmas tunes to coincide with the biblical Christmas story. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

CHESTERVILLE — The story of the true meaning of Christmas came to life as St. Mary Catholic School hosted their annual Christmas Concert on Friday. Mrs. Veinotte’s Grade 5/6 class narrated the story of Jesus’ birth with the help of Ruth Vanderlaand of Vanderlaand the Barnyard Zoo. 

Seen in image above: William Miller and DJ Mendoza posed as Mary and Joseph for a slideshow to tell the tale of Jesus’ birth. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Students dressed as Mary, Joseph, the wise men, and others alike and had their photos taken at the Winchester Springs establishment. The photos were then put into a PowerPoint Presentation that coincided with songs that the other classes sang. It was a great modern take on the biblical Christmas story. 

Seen in image above: Grade 1 students entertained the crowd in a cute comical way with their ‘Boomwhackers.’ Smith photo, Nation Valley News

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