Rockets defeat Swiss visitors

The visitors from Switzerland put pressure in the Rockets' end, Dec. 29. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

CHESTERVILLE — It was left up to the North Dundas Rockets to defend the honour of the National Capital Junior Hockey League when they took on a European team that beat the Hull-Volant 6-5 just a day earlier. And in the end, the local squad handily ensured their guests from Meyrin, Switzerland, would remember Chesterville as the place that handed them a  9-5 loss  to offset their earlier win in Gatineau.

The Rockets’ powered their way to a 4-0 lead over the visitors by the middle of the second period during the Dec. 29 exhibition game. The Swiss answered with goals at 10:09 and 1:53 left on the clock in the second frame, while North Dundas added a fifth goal with 3:05 remaining.

A high-scoring third period saw the home team add four goals, while the visitors managed to put three into the Rockets’ net.  Justin Lefebvre will forever be able to say that he scored a hat-trick against a visiting junior squad from Switzerland.

The Rockets are back at home against the Bytown Royals tomorrow evening (Sat., Jan.6).

The clip below the Rockets’ Justin Lefebvre and Jack van Kessel scoring goals against the European visitors in the second period.

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