Local grocer to be cuffed, thrown in the can to benefit Seaway Valley Crime Stoppers

Winchester Foodland proprietor Dan Pettigrew begs for your help releasing him from 250 pairs of handcuffs this Saturday.

‘Coca Cola Case’ jail cell to imprison Dan Pettigrew and other local celebrities, Jan. 13

NORTH DUNDAS — Winchester Foodland owner Dan Pettigrew and other local celebrities are headed for the clinker.

The Jan. 13 fundraiser for Seaway Valley Crime Stoppers will see 250 pairs of handcuffs slapped on the grocer at his Winchester store and the door of a ‘Coca Cola Case’ jail cell ignominiously slammed behind him. To spring Pettigrew from his sweet cage, donations will be accepted starting at 9 a.m., with each $10 contribution popping one set of cuffs off the wrists of the local businessman. Coke has donated actual jail cell for this Saturday’s event.

And in the lead-up to the spectacle, SD&G OPP Const. Tylor Copeland will  be “arresting” other community celebrities around the village this week. If Copeland happens to haul in one of your friends,  be sure to fill their “Bail Bucket ” to free them from custody at Winchester Foodland this Saturday.

The event will run until Pettigrew is free of all handcuffs. He is reported to be begging for the community’s help.

Every $10 donation also comes with entry into five prize draws. Available to be won are a mini fridge, a Coke clock, a Superbowl basket, a “cold as burr” basket, and a $100 Foodland gift card.


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