Good turnout for Dundas County 4-H registration

Clockwise from left: Rachel Puenter, Brooklin Begg, and Katherine Hewetson were among the youth signing up for Dundas County 4-H Jan. 11 in Winchester, with leaders Heather McDiarmid, Christine Van Den Broek and Brenda Velthuis among the 4-H leaders on hand that evening. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

WINCHESTER — They put their names down for diverse clubs ranging from beef to dairy to sports, gardening, woodworking and scrapbooking.

In all, Dundas County 4-Hers enjoyed picking from 13 areas of focus — also described as “clubs” within the Club — to pursue in 2018. Many of the 70-plus youth who took part in 2017 were back to sign up at the organization’s registration night, Jan. 11 at Winchester Presbyterian Church. Their newest potential choice is a club that will teach cooking for people with allergies.

Heather McDiarmid, a local 4-H leader, emphasized the night was by no means the only sign-up opportunity for local youth (ages 6 to 8 at the Cloverbuds level, and ages 9 to 21 in the regular 4-H stream).  There’s still plenty of time to do that — by contacting another 4-H leader, Christine Van Den Broek, at

Organizers noted that 4-H is open to youth of all backgrounds, not just farm kids. 4-H fees vary by county, but in Dundas a participant pays $75 for the year. The figure would be higher if it weren’t for the  financial contribution of Grenville Mutual Insurance that helps offset costs. For that single price, a Dundas County 4-Her can enrol in as many of those 13 clubs as they wish.


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