‘Cuddles’ on the mend after losing eye to stray dog

Cuddles is shown wearing a recovery cone last week. The device has since come off and the feline is doing well after the dog attack that left him blinded in one eye. Courtesy photo

CHESTERVILLE — Minus one eye and $5,000 of his owner’s money, Cuddles is nicely on the mend and gaining weight after a stray dog viciously attacked the orange tabby in his North Dundas yard a month ago.

Tanya Vloet rushed her eight-year-old male feline to an animal hospital in the Nation’s Capital, racking up the large veterinary bill. Vloet’s gofundme.com campaign fell far short of her out-of-pocket cost that, she says, had to be paid before the Ottawa-based vet clinic would release Cuddles back to her after removing his badly damaged eye.

And yes, she says the “Mike Smith” who contributed $100 to the campaign is indeed the actor from The Trailer Park Boys: Let the record show that ‘Bubbles’ helped out a cat named Cuddles from Chesterville.

In a Facebook message, Vloet recounted the disturbing incident that briefly saw Cuddles’ face crushed in the jaws of the boxer-mix canine. She was doing dishes when she spied the dog in her County Rd. 7 yard.  “I opened the door to see if the dog had a tag. The next thing I knew the dog had grabbed the cat [and] he dropped it right away. Cuddles ran into the house under the bed. I fished him out and saw his eye. I panicked.”

The dog ran away, leaving Vloet with a badly injured pet. In addition to his wrecked eye, Cuddles’ upper jaw was pushed forward. The vets in Ottawa offered to extract teeth to repair the jaw — at additional cost — but Vloet left it alone and the injured mandible seems to have healed well enough. Her own vet has since confirmed that Cuddles is OK, she says. The cat’s jaw “wasn’t lining up at the time but it’s fine now. I can’t afford any more vet bills …,” she says.

Vloet has since modified the gofundme.com campaign. Any balance raised now could go to a general pet in need, she says, minus any lingering dental expenses Cuddles might yet incur related to his jaw.



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