Much anticipated annual Matilda Winter Carnival snowmobile rally, cancelled

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

DIXONS CORNERS — This year’s Matilda Winter Carnival’s Snowmobile Rally has been cancelled on account of “too much warm weather” according to Matilda Recreation Committee co-chair, Janice Froats.

Considering the long period of extreme cold we have experienced lately, many will find this hard to fathom.

Froats said, “Ironically, in light of the recent cold snap, Mother Nature has dealt us too much warm weather prior to that for the snowmobile trails to bounce back into shape.”

She explained that, “The snowmobile associations have been working hard but there are still open water areas that still have yet to freeze enough for a snowmobile to safely pass over. What snow we did get since the thaw has blown off the open fields. The ground has also still not completely frozen again yet.”

The Matilda Recreation Committee co-chair is hopeful for next year saying, “Let’s keep our fingers crossed!”

Although the snowmobile rally is cancelled the rest of the events will go ahead as scheduled. Be sure to head out to Matilda Hall in Dixons Corners this weekend for all of the fun-filled family events.

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