Transport truck takes ‘field trip’

Seen in image above: Transport truck took a little 'field trip' off of Highway 31 just south of Barkley Road near Winchester Springs this morning. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

WINCHESTER SPRINGS — Motorists travelling on Highway 31 near Winchester Springs got quite an eye-full this morning after a tractor trailer landed itself far into a field. At first glance it seems as though the large vehicle somehow manoeuvred itself across the highway, plowed through the deep snow, crashed through the fence and came to a stop halfway into the nearby field.

No official word yet on how the transport managed to travel a few hundred feet off the road, but a commenter on Facebook said he witnessed the incident. Shane Freeman posted that the wayward truck missed a hydro pole “by inches.”

Kayla Holmes, told Nation Valley News that she was northbound and met the southbound truck moments before it left the roadway. She said the truck was beginning to cross the centerline into her lane, forcing her into the shoulder, as she passed by in the opposite direction. Holmes saw the truck enter the ditch and field in her rearview mirror.

“After I passed him he was moving more and more onto my lane and then all the way across. I slowed down. Pulled over. Went to call 911 but a cop car had just passed me and put lights on.”

Her next communication was with Nation Valley News.

Above: Two cop cars were on scene to investigate how a tractor trailer ended up well into a field off Highway 31 around 9:30 this morning. Smith photo

Above: A closer look at the tractor trailer that went ‘off-roading’ earlier this morning. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Above: The tractor trailer plowed through a fence and continued a few hundred feet into a field near Winchester Springs earlier this morning. Smith photo, Nation Valley News


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