Penny Pinching Politicians are so yesterday

by Garfield Marks​

We all support fiscal responsibility if it is done fairly. It is becoming more obvious everyday that it is not being done fairly.

Our Prime Minister is spending almost a million dollars to rub shoulders at the World Economic Forum and defends it by saying he is promoting Canada. The same goes with his trips to other countries around the world.

There are news stories about cuts in tax deductions for low income earners, people with disabilities and parents with sick children.

The last few years, maybe decades, all politicians campaign on being fiscally responsible but that is getting to be a bit tiresome.

My taxes at all levels, keeps going up, and my services keep going down, yet my politicians seem to be living the high life. Tweets from galas, junkets, and meetings all over the country and the world but my concerns get ignored.

The cost of fixing a pot hole on my street would get more scrutiny, than a new promenade downtown, or the next big sporting event. I have trees growing in my street and my sidewalk continue to crumble after decades of neglect but we have other neighbourhoods with new streets, firehall, bus service and a high school with nary a house built.

I am not saying do not have 77 million dollar sporting events, do not spend millions lobbying Senators in Washington for the oil companies, do not spend hundreds of millions on General Motors or Bombardier, I am not saying that. What I am asking is why not fix my street, expand our hospital, or buy that pump for a diabetic child.

How many insulin pumps could be bought, for the price of this junket to the World Economic Forum? Just asking.

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