NDDHS starts off new semester with a Canadian favourite, pancakes, to help out local family

Above, this year's Minister of Communications, Rosie Backes, North Dundas District High School. Courtesy photo

by Rosie Backes
Minister of Communications, NDDHS

Students are finally done their exams, and are relaxing today, Jan. 31, before semester two starts bright and early tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow there will be a pancake breakfast fundraiser to start off the semester. The money will all be donated to the Berard family, who lost their house in a devastating fire. The students and staff of North Dundas are coming together to help out a student and family in need. Remember your money, and come on an empty stomach.

With the new semester, there are also new classes, and we would like to wish everyone good luck on their first day back.

Don’t forget to check the calendar for upcoming events, and remember that Valentine’s day is coming up quick. Make sure to buy a gift for the special someone in your life, even if that’s only your best friend.

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