Thank you to a Good Samaritan from Finch

The Editor:

Last Friday morning, Jan. 26, my husband, Ed, was taking out the garbage and fell on the glare ice.

Being 80 years old with two hip and two knee replacements, he was unable to get up. He lay on the edge of the busy highway and many vehicles passed by and didn’t stop to see if he was OK or required help.

At last a white truck started to slow down and stopped shortly after passing him and backed up to our gateway. The driver asked if he was ok. Ed said he thought so, but was unable to get up on his own. The driver jumped out of the truck and assisted Ed in getting back on his feet. Ed started back to the house and the driver stayed at the end of the gateway until he could see Ed had gotten back into the house.

Ed and I would like to thank Rodney from HF Smith and Son from Finch for stopping to help him. This kind gentleman has restored our faith in humanity. There are still good people in our world. Thank you Rodney and HF Smith and Son for your compassion and care for others.

Thank you,


Ed and Estella Rose

Estella and Ed Rose. Courtesy photo

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