It’s winter. Slow down, stay alert, says SD&G OPP

Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Twenty-six motor vehicle collisions during this week’s heavy snowfall

SD&G OPP — Wednesday and Thursday’s heavy snowfall coincided with 26 motor vehicle collisions in the area patrolled by the SD&G OPP. That number has the local detachment reminding residents that it is, in fact, winter, and that motorists need to prepare themselves and their vehicles for safe winter driving.

Poor driving — not poor driving conditions — is a leading cause of wintertime collisions, the detachment also asserts.

Observes the SD&G OPP: “Drivers play an important a role in keeping winter roads and highways safe; the winter months are a particularly important time to stay focused on the road and on other vehicles, and eliminate all distractions.

“Slow down, stay alert and stay in control — these simple steps will go a long way in reducing the number of winter weather-related collisions on our roads.”


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