New chapter seeks ‘100 Women Who Care’ in North Dundas

The organizing committee of the new 100 Women Who Care chapter in North Dundas (from left): Mayor Eric Duncan, Eric Duncan, Martine Thurler-Guy, Diane Crummy and Cheryl Guy. Absent is Nanda Wubs. Courtesy photo

NORTH DUNDAS — The fundraising pitch is simple: 100 women bring $100 each to a one-hour event to raise $10,000, all of which will go to local charities voted by the participants.

There are thousands of chapters of the “100 Who Care” movement, including ones in South Dundas and Kemptville. Now, there will be one starting in North Dundas. “This is a simple, creative way to get a group of women together for a night with 100% of the proceeds going to
local causes in our community,” said 100 Women Who Care North Dundas Chair Diane Crummy, of Hallville.

“The response so far has been amazing. After explaining it, we’ve got dozens of women already interested from every corner of North Dundas. When we get 100 women signed up, we’ll announce the date and charities that will be participating in our first night.”

The volunteer committee has been meeting for several months to prepare for the launch. Women interested in more information and to sign up can visit The $100 donation is not required at the time of online registration, but rather participants bring a cheque with them to the event, likely to be held in the spring once the 100 women have signed up. All participants will receive a $100 tax receipt for their donation.

“North Dundas is known for being a generous community and so many women continue to help in that regard,” said Crummy. “We have a lot of worthwhile causes to support, so we’re excited to launch this program, create a networking opportunity for women, and to make a difference right here at home.”

Sponsors will cover venue, wine, and snack costs during the social hour networking before the one-hour meeting to learn and select the recipients of funds. Information for charities on how to apply to participate can be found on the website. Regular email updates will be provided to the enrolled women.

If the 100 Women Who Care chapter in North Dundas is successful, there are plans to make it an annual event and to expand the idea to a “100 Men Who Care” event in the community later in 2018.


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