Maintain honeymoon beauty

According to TripSavvy, 99 percent of couples who choose to have traditional weddings take a honeymoon. Around 1.4 million couples in the United States depart for honeymoons around the world each year, spending an average of $4,466 on the trip. Though not nearly as pressure-filled as wedding planning, honeymoons do require some planning to ensure a fun and memorable trip.

In a Bridal Guide survey, wedding couples indicated they were most likely to worry about wardrobe, swimsuits, sunglasses, sunscreen, and luggage when getting ready to depart. Couples who want to look their best on their honeymoon and in their honeymoon photos should not forget to pack the following items:

  • Sunscreen: Sunscreen is a must whether you’re traveling to the pink beaches of a tropical island or the slopes of a ski resort. Choose a product that protects against both UVA and UVB rays, and be sure to reapply every 80 minutes or so, especially after perspiring or swimming. Sunscreen will help prevent damaging and painful sunburns that can adversely affect a trip.
  • Makeup-remover wipes: Even high-end resorts may not provide the correct face bar for removing makeup and refreshing skin. Makeup-removing wipes can offer deep cleaning in a few convenient swipes.
  • Hair refresher: Brides who want to get a few extra days out of a wedding day hairstyle should pack a hair refreshing spray to tame static and add UV protectors that keep locks pampered until they’re ready to wash. Dry shampoos also allow for a little refreshing of hair between daytime adventures and evening dinner.
  • Eye cream: There may be a few late nights while you’re enjoying romantic, candlelit meals or hitting up the hot spots around a resort. Ensure honeymoon photos do not show tired eyes with an eye cream that can reduce puffiness and dark circles.
  • Tinted moisturizer or BB cream: A high-quality tinted moisturizer or BB cream will hydrate skin and add just a sheer wash of color to even out skin tone. Pair with lip balm and a waterproof mascara and your honeymoon face will be ready.
  • Teeth whitening treatment: Couples who invested time and money into achieving whiter teeth for their weddings don’t want to let all of that hard work go to waste. Brush on whitening product after eating and drinking to prevent stains and freshen breath. • Blotting papers: Humid climates may cause perspiration and oils to leach out of the skin. Tame shine and that greasy feeling with blotting papers purchased from a cosmetics retailer.
  • Light fragrance: Heavy perfumes have no business on breezy honeymoon escapes. Find a light, flowery scent or something tied to nature, like citrus in a travel-sized atomizer.
  • Stick-on bra cups: To feel more stylish and comfortable in strapless and/or backless dresses on their honeymoons, brides can use stick-on bra cups that offer support and lift.
  • Travel brow kit: Keep brows tamed and looking great with mini-tweezers, brow filler and gel. Honeymoon beauty is easy to achieve if the right supplies are brought along on the trip.


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