Tips for choosing a honeymoon destination

Once couples have tied the knot, hit the reception dance floor and thanked their friends and family for joining them, their thoughts might start looking ahead to their honeymoons. Statistics vary in regard to how much couples spend on their honeymoons, but those heading overseas can expect to pay thousands of dollars on such getaways.

Couples planning their honeymoons want to get the most for their money while also ensuring their first trip together as newlyweds is as memorable as possible.  The destination couples choose can go a long way toward making that happen, and couples can consider various factors as they work together to choose a locale for their honeymoons.

Activity level

Some couples might want their honeymoons to be filled with activities, while others might prefer more low-key trips spent relaxing at seaside resorts. Couples can discuss which types of trips they prefer and be willing to compromise if their desires differ.


Some couples may prefer to travel throughout their honeymoons, while others may want to stay at the same resort for the duration of their trips. Couples who want to travel may find a backpacking trip to Europe is a romantic way to indulge their sense of adventure, while those who prefer something more quiet may find a beach resort more to their liking.


Budget is a strong consideration for many couples as they plan their honeymoons. Because honeymoons can be expensive, couples who don’t want to sacrifice on their first trip together as a married couple can begin planning their trips early, even looking for ways to cut costs on their ceremonies and receptions if their honeymoons are a bigger priority. When planning their honeymoons, couples also can take steps to save money. For example, delaying a trip until a few months after the wedding can help covers get back on their financial feet and enjoy their dream getaways. Couples visiting resorts also may want to opt for all-inclusive packages, which can provide great value, particularly on food and beverages.


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