Tux-renting basics

The right fit can help a groom and the groomsmen look like a million bucks come wedding day.

Brides-to-be may invest thousands of dollars into their wedding day ensembles. Online wedding resource The Knot says that the average cost for a wedding dress is $1,469. Grooms generally have a much easier and less expensive experience with their wedding day attire.

In fact, grooms often rent their tuxedos for minimal cost. Renting a wedding tuxedo has its advantages, namely in the cost savings. However, it’s easy for a guy to fall into the trap of renting something that will not help him look his best if he isn’t educated about the process. Looking sharp involves a little more than just showing up to the shop and picking a tux off the rack.

Choose your retailer wisely

Many stores sell or rent suits and tuxedos. As is the case with many aspects of wedding planning, getting a recommendation from friends or family members can help grooms identify the shops that offer exemplary service. When attending others’ weddings or special events, pay attention to the look of the groom and his groomsmen. Find out where they got their tuxes. Price alone should not dictate where to shop. Once bridesmaid dresses have been selected, the groomsmen can begin to shop around for tuxedoes. This way ties and vests will coordinate. Initial tux selection should begin between four and six months before the wedding.

Get a proper fitting

The experts at Men’s Wearhouse say that it is important to be fitted for a tux or suit properly. Their professionals can handle the measurements, or men shopping elsewhere can use a tailor of their choosing. Shoulders should be close to the body in the jacket but not restrictive. Sleeves should fall so that they show a quarter- to a half-inch of shirt sleeves when arms are at the sides. An ill-fitting suit or tux can make a gentleman look sloppy. It is key to pay attention to sizing and use a shop that has a variety of styles that fit various body types.

Choose a classic style

No one wants to look outdated in their wedding pictures. By choosing a classic cut and colour in a suit or tux, guys will look stylish no matter the year. Fun can be had with vest colours or bow ties.

Confirm the order

The entire wedding party can visit the tuxedo shop for selections and fittings. The groom should call the store at least a month prior to the wedding to ensure that everyone has been fitted. Tuxes should be picked up a few days in advance of the wedding and tried on to ensure that everything fits and all accessories are included. This way last-minute alterations or substitutions can be made. Grooms and groomsmen can look dapper by selecting a classic suit or tuxedo, having it properly fitted and confirming that all wardrobe components are ready to go in time for the big day.


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