‘Crysler’s Fabio’ to lose locks for good cause on Sunday

Kevin Lapp (centre) with wife Laurel (right) and his wife's best friend, Danielle Linnett. The women have cooked up a fundraiser spectacle involving the loss of the Fabio lookalike's hair on the final day of Crysler Winter Carnival tomorrow (Feb. 18). Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

CRYSLER — Dubbed Crysler’s own version of ‘Fabio,’  Kevin Lapp has the mane to go with the hunky title. The contractor and captain of the Crysler fire station has been growing his hair out for five years.

But on Sunday, those light-brown locks with hints of blond highlights spilling onto his shoulders — which Lapp insists are his natural colour — will come off in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. The severed hair will go to make wigs for people undergoing cancer treatment, while the actual spectacle of Lapp’s loss will serve as a featured event and cash fundraiser on the final day of Crysler’s annual Winter Carnival.

More than $1,000 has been raised already to ensure the pony tail is snipped. The only question now is whether the community will come up with an additional $3,000 to see the man’s cranium shaved bald.

“A lot of the ladies in town would like to see him take it all off,” observes Danielle Linnett, a friend of Lapp’s wife, Laurel, who helped hatched the fundraiser scheme.

The subject of all this speculation has little doubt the clippers will come out, noting the total pledged was already approaching $2,000 when he spoke to Nation Valley News yesterday. “I think the hype is up that … if I say no to shaving my head now, there’s going to be a mutiny,” quips Lapp.

He started growing his hair long half a decade ago after missing one too many opportunities to get a proper haircut because he was busy all the time, he explains, adding his wife has been after him for the last couple of years to ditch the rockstar look. “I said, ‘The only way you’re going to get me to cut it is if you raise money and the hair goes to cancer.’

“So she and her friend [Linnett] cooked this up, and I had to adhere to it because I put a bounty on it: I said, ‘If you raise a thousand bucks I’ll cut my pony tail off, and they did it! So I have to do it, right?'”

It was “very nice” of Linnett to label him with the Fabio moniker in a social media post, he acknowledges. “That was hilarious.”

Kevin and Laurel Lapp were also inspired to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society as a result of the experience of another friend, who was treated for — and beat — breast cancer.

“So Kevin decided that when the time was right, and when she gave the OK, he would cut his hair. So this is the time,” says his wife. Laurel Lapp also concurs with Linnett that her husband’s coming date with the shears should prove a popular show at the Crysler Community Centre on Sunday evening. “There will be a lot of happy women in Crysler, not just his wife,” she laughs.



Kevin Lapp’s cranium was clipped clean last night (Feb. 18), raising a whopping $7,000 on the final day of the 52nd Annual Crysler Winter Fair. The Canadian Cancer Society will collect $3,000 of the tally — as well as Lapp’s hair — with the balance of funds going to the community’s rink.  The image is a still taken from a Facebook Live video by Martine Quesnel.

In other Carnival highlights, the children’s teams competing in Saturday night’s traditional “North vs. South” hockey game deadlocked in a 8-8 tie. Meanwhile, the adults from the north side of the river took their version of the contest 5-3.


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