Our Residents Deserve Better Long-Term Care

QUEEN’S PARK – Long-term care issues dominated today’s question period.  MPP Jim McDonell challenged the newly appointed Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, Helena Jaczek, on the supply and availability of long-term care beds in Stormont—Dundas—South Glengarry.

“Our seniors built this province and worked extremely hard to lay the foundations for the public services that should be there in their time of need” MPP McDonell commented. “Instead, government bureaucracies such as the Local Health Integration Networks keep long-term care supply in our area artificially low despite a clear and present need. Our residents deserve better”.

The legislature will debate and vote on an opposition day motion demanding 15,000 new long-term care beds this afternoon.

“The aging population in our region is higher than average, we desperately need long-term care capacity” MPP McDonell stated. “Instead of solving chronic underfunding issues in long-term care, the current government has focused on securing support for their re-election from key allies such as the Service Employees International Union, who have almost monopolized PSW supply. When will this government get its priorities right and treat seniors with dignity?”

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