Happy Face Nursery School in Morrisburg now a Green Food Box program distribution site

MORRISBURG—Happy Face Nursery School & Child Care is making it easier to purchase and pick up the Green Food Box (GFB) in Morrisburg.

“Our hope is that by offering an additional order and drop off location, it will be easier for families to take advantage of the GFB program,” Happy Face executive director Cheryl Firlotte said.

Linking Hands Dundas County, an initiative of House of Lazarus, has welcomed the local child care centre into the GFB fold. Located at the north end of Morrisburg Public School, Happy Face will become both a GFB order and pick up site for the facility’s child care clients and the public.

In addition to Happy Face, the Dundas County Hospice is also joining the GFB family, becoming an order and pick up site for its clients in Williamsburg. Depending on the demand for the service, there is potential for making it a general pick up site for the Williamsburg public as well.

“We are very excited to be adding additional order and pick up options for South Dundas residents,” Linking Hands coordinator Sandy Casselman said.

Happy Face Nursery School joined the Linking Hands Steering Committee in 2017 and has been an active participant in helping to guide the initiative forward in its various projects, programs, and events, including the upcoming EXPO and Family Fun Day on March 14.

“If everything works well in Morrisburg, we hope to eventually add more Happy Face locations to our Green Food Box program, including North Dundas,” Casselman said.

The Green Food Box is a monthly cost-sharing initiative for buying produce. With a number of purchasers on board, Linking Hands is able to buy produce in bulk from Smiths Falls wholesaler, Quattrocchi’s Specialty Foods, and participants reap the benefits by getting more produce for less money.

Currently, the local GFB program features two size options: a small bag at $10, consisting of seven to 10 different varieties of fruits and vegetables; and, a large bag at $15, consisting of 12 to 15 varieties of fruits and vegetables.

The types of produce and the amount of each item will vary from month to month depending on several variables, including number of participants (buying power), current pricing and availability. “The GFB is open to everyone and the more people who participate, the better the results,” Casselman said. “We’re hoping with the additional order and pick up sites with both Happy Face and Dundas County Hospice that more people will be able to participate in this healthy living program.”

Learn more about Dundas County’s Green Food Box program at www.linkinghandsdundas.ca or contact Casselman directly at scasselman@houseoflazarus.com or by phone at 613-989-3830. There is also a GFB-specific Facebook page, www.facebook.com/GreenFoodBoxDundasCounty/.

Linking Hands is a poverty reduction initiative of House of Lazarus. It is directed by a community-led steering committee with sub-committees/working groups that focus on a variety of projects from the Green Food Box, Lunch and Learn, Project Warmth, and more.


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