Justin’s psychedelic India trip a worthy Partridge Family episode

by Garfield Marks 

For quite some time I was smugly believing that in federal politics after 10 years of Angry Bird running the country, we turned to Mr. Dressup to give it a go. The latest trip to India, with its extreme costume changes, could support that line of reasoning.

But another show kept creeping into my consciousness: “The Partridge Family.” A show about a family having misadventure after misadventure before ending up on stage. The India fiasco involved a family, children, costume changes, dancing on stage. Misadventure after misadventure sure sounds like the Partridge Family to me.

Every episode had a theme, had a misadventure just like this government of ours.  You would think that the business of government was managed by the fictional manager Rueben Kincaid and choreographed by the fictional brother Danny Partridge.

The show ran from 1970-1974, I believe, which is the same as a single term in government. So will we reprogram after four years and go for another show, Gilligan’s Island perhaps? Perhaps with island theme in mind, let us go with Fantasy Island and then we might see “da plane” our military desperately needs.

I would really hope that this government could change channels and be more like “The National.” We might end up with Mr. Rogers as Prime Minister and that would not be the “A-Team” we are hoping for.

The Partridge Family cast is shown in this 1970 public domain promotional photo.


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