Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp.’s CEO assures Chesterville that Nestlé plant will be promptly licensed to produce pot

Chuck Rifici, CEO of Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp., which is partnering with IDP Group to produce marijuana at Chesterville's former Nestlé factory. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

300 jobs once all 300,000 square feet go into production: 100 jobs with first 100,000-square-foot phase expected later this year

Below, Wheaton CEO Chuck Rifici and IDP Group’s Hamed Asl address the North Dundas Chamber of Commerce AGM last month. They inform the group about the planned rollout of marijuana production and processing at IDP’s 171 Main Street North factory property (the former Nestlé plant). Rifici tells the group that Health Canada licensing won’t be a problem because they’ve already acquired a license for another facility in Ontario, which will put all of their operations “in another lane” for approvals with the federal regulator. Three hundred jobs are anticipated once all three phases of the 300,000 development are completed — with an initial 100 employees to be hired to work in the initial 100,000-square-foot phase.


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