Throne Speech yesterday at Queen’s Park

QUEEN’S PARK – The Third Session of the 41st Parliament began yesterday following the Throne Speech by Her Honour, the Lieutenant Governor.

Last week, in a surprising turn of events, the government prorogued the legislature. This move killed all items of legislation, including Government bills and Private Members’ Bills that had not received Royal Assent, such as Bill 33, the Time to Care Act.

“Typically, a throne speech sets out a legislative agenda” stated MPP McDonell. “By proroguing the House, the current government is just attempting to reset the media cycle and deflect attention from 15 years of Liberal waste and corruption. With 23 sessional days left, and only 80 days until the next provincial election, this government can hardly pass any legislation. No wonder the only policy commitment they made in the Throne Speech was a budget deficit for next year. Ontarians desperately need a change for balance and fiscal responsibility, and we are more than ready to deliver it”.

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