North Dundas finds 100 Women Who Care — make that 200

The organizing committee of the new 100 Women Who Care chapter in North Dundas (from left): Mayor Eric Duncan, Eric Duncan, Martine Thurler-Guy, Diane Crummy and Cheryl Guy. Absent is Nanda Wubs. Courtesy photo

Men’s chapter launching later this year

NORTH DUNDAS — The volunteers who launched the North Dundas chapter of the 100 Women Who Care movement hoped for a positive uptake and response to their kick-off earlier this year. They were not expecting, however, an overwhelming response of signing up 100 women in less than 9 hours, and having to cap the signups at 200 women in order to have a venue large enough to host the actual fundraising event.

“We couldn’t believe the response to the start of our local chapter here in North Dundas. We were hoping to have 100 women signed up in a couple of months, not a couple of hours,” said 100 Women Who Care North Dundas Chair Diane Crummy, of Hallville. “The response continues to be amazing and we’ve been able to set the date for our 2018 event in May.”

The inaugural North Dundas women’s event will take place at the Joel Steele Community Centre in Winchester on Thursday, May 10th. Registration has been closed and an email was sent to all participants.
The next step for the volunteers is recruiting local charities to apply for a chance to pitch their projects.

Projects/organizations must be able to issue charitable tax receipts, and the funds must be directed locally towards projects that benefit North Dundas residents. Applications are due on March 31 st and full information at be found at

“We have a waiting list of women interested in joining us, and many who missed out are looking forward to signing up for next year’s event already,” said Crummy. “We encourage charities now to get involved and submit an application so we can distribute the $20,000 available at the event in May.”

Participants will be updated through regular emails leading up to the event. The women’s event is expected to happen annually, while a men’s chapter in North Dundas will be launched later this year.



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