285 Dollars Raised for Hospice thru Late Night Idea

Seen in image above: Upper Canada Creamery on Waddell Road near Iroquois. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Iroquois — Working with Upper Canada Creamery, just outside of Iroquois, Ross Video employee Kim Hogeveen set out to on a mission to raise money for her favourite charity while providing a healthy guilty pleasure to her colleagues and friends. The result? $285 raised for Carefor Hospice Cornwall.

“One of my favorite things to do now on a Thursday is to pick up fresh Biemond Cheese Curd from Upper Canada Creamery. I set my alarms to it, whenever I can, since I’m a huge fan of their garlic and parsley curd. What’s not to like about local, fresh and organic?!” said Kim Hogeveen.

The idea hit about a month ago, late on a Thursday night – why not host a curd fundraiser at work to raise funds for a local charity?!

The benefits outweighed the effort and Hogeveen reached out to the family-owned local business via Facebook Messenger. The next day, Josh Biemond called saying they would be interested in supporting the fundraiser for Hospice too. It was Upper Canada Creamery’s idea to add all of their cheese products to the fundraiser – not just curd. The plan took shape, prices determined, poster created, sign up sheet placed in the office. Fingers crossed. With one week to sign up, Kim’s fellow Ross Video colleagues, always supportive, signed up!

Kim will be picking up Thursday night at Upper Canada Creamery and is looking forward to sharing the local cheese with family, friends and colleagues that evening and the next morning at work, thankful for all the support.

About Upper Canada Creamery

Family owned, the Biemond family is a dairy farm processing plant utilizing their own milk to produce top quality organic dairy products including a variety of yogurt and cheese products. Fresh from their farm to your fridge! More information available at https://www.uppercanadacreamery.com/

About Carefor Hospice Cornwall

Hospice Cornwall believes it is the right of every individual to have access to comprehensive, palliative and end-of-life care.

End-of-life, like birth, is something to be acknowledged as an integral component of life. More information available at http://cornwallhospice.com/


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