Beau’s boosts all-organic brews in latest promotional short film

Beau's Brewing Company has had plenty to celebrate over the past decade. The firm's 9th annual Oktoberfest celebration weekend last year. The event drew over 20,000 revellers to Vankleek Hill and raised over $100,000 for charity and the community. Here, The Planet Smashers set a decidedly celebratory tone on the main stage. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Firm recognized earlier this winter as Canadian Treasure

VANKLEEK HILL — The best ingredients are certified organic, asserts the co-founder and CEO of Beau’s Brewing Company, a firm recently honoured in Toronto as a “Canadian Treasure.”

“It always starts with using the best ingredients, and that’s the principal reason why we decided to make all of our beers certified organic,” says Steven Beauchesne in the second of a planned new series of four short-film documentaries about the decade-0ld Vankleek Hill-based firm. “We figured there was nothing better we could use.”

The latest video is a follow-up to the first short explaining Beau’s unique distinction as the country’s first “B Corp” brewery for a commitment to high ethical standards, a status achieved in 2013.

But the latest feather in Beau’s corporate cap arrived this winter when George Brown College lauded the brewer as a Canadian Treasure. Established in 2017, the award celebrates  “culinary, hospitality, and tourism trailblazers” across the country. Beau’s is the fifth entity to receive it.

“My Dad and I are humbled and honoured to have Beau’s be named a Canadian Treasure,” the CEO said as he picked up the award in the provincial capital. “We could not have done what we have without the support of chefs, restaurateurs and their staff who took a chance on supporting us and serving a brand-new beer. We have endeavoured to reward that by in turn, supporting the communities who buy and enjoy Beau’s. Along with our team of employee-owners, we will do our best to keep being a brewery you are proud to call local.”

Getting a jump on today’s more recent explosion of Eastern Ontario microbrewery start-ups, Beau’s sold its first beer in 2006, striking a geyser of growth and success with its flagship Lug-Tread beer and other brews.  Today, the company employs 150 people, and the workers themselves own Beau’s following a stock sale initiated by the founders — Steve and Tim Beauchesne —  last year.

The annual Beau’s Oktoberfest is certainly treasured by visiting revellers each fall. Below is a bit of footage from the 2017 edition.


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