Iroquois Gas Bar emptied the tanks and closed the doors after 35 years of service

Seen in image above: Iroquois Gas Bar shortly after it closed it's doors for the last time. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

IROQUOIS — Community members and tourists alike have been filling up their gas tanks at the Iroquois Gas Bar for the last 35 years. Customers hung up the nozzle for the very last time on March 28.

Regular gas was sold for $1 per litre while supplies lasted. By late afternoon they were completely sold out of regular and supreme gasoline. The station remains closed until the new ownership reopens at an unknown later date.

The gas bar was part of previous owner, the late Frank Ault’s legacy.

Ault’s family sold it last fall almost a year after his passing.

As part of the deal the family agreed to continue to run it while the new owners got things organized on their end, which was only supposed to be for a few months.

Ault’s daughter Cindy Peters told Nation Valley News that the laundromat and carwash will remain open.

“The gas bar will be torn down and rebuilt, but I don’t know the timelines,” said Peters.

“Our understanding is that there will be gas, a convenience store and a Tim Hortons – but just the On the Run style. No seating, just drive-thru,” Peters explained. “I believe it will be Esso gas. I can’t say 100 percent as we really don’t know a lot,” she continued.

The gas station was one of the companies owned by Frank Ault prior to his passing in March of last year. His farm remains in the hands of the family.

For possibly the first time since before World War 1, Iroquois is without a gas station. Until further notice, locals and travellers must drive to Cardinal or Morrisburg for fuel.

The Ault family offers sincere gratitude towards their wonderful staff and amazing customers for 35 years of dedicated service!


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