Government must make TSSA and other agencies accountable

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Jim McDonell took the Minister of Government and Consumer Services to task today regarding the failure by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority to keep proper records of safety inspections prior to January 1.

“Just because the authority doesn’t have the word accountability in their name doesn’t mean they can ignore it” MPP Jim McDonell stated. “For an agency charged with preserving the safety of Ontario’s consumers, failure to keep records is not acceptable. The TSSA’s policy change on January 1 only came about following consumers’ persistent advocacy. It is time for the government to take a clear stance for accountability and transparency”.

The Minister of Government and Consumer Services refused to commit to stronger leadership of the TSSA or other administrative authorities under the Ministry’s watch.

“The Minister was defensive of other authorities right until their untenable conflicts of interest became too great and too public to ignore” MPP Jim McDonell commented. “It is time for the government to be proactive and acknowledge that the TSSA needs transparency measures implemented right now. I will re-introduce my Private Member’s Bill on accountability and transparency for all delegated authorities soon, which would open them to scrutiny through the Legislature, the Auditor General, the Ombudsman and by bringing them under Freedom of Information law. It is time for meaningful action.”


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