Scattered outages still leave several thousand without power

Tyler Leduc provided this image of power lines strewn across County Rd. 8 this morning.

EASTERN ONTARIO — Scattered power outages in the aftermath of last night’s ice rain continue to persist around Eastern Ontario.

Hydro One estimates the juice will be back on by this evening — as late as 11:30 p.m. for all of the utility’s “Winchester district.”

Until then, 8,446 customers remain without electricity, with the Embrun area particularly hard hit. Crews are working to restore power at eight sites alone around that community where nearly 5,600 customers are affected. Hydro One’s outage map predicts a 10 p.m. restoration of power in Embrun’s case.

The utility foresees a 6 p.m. restoration for  Crysler where 900 customers are without power. In the countryside just east of Chesterville, the utility predicts a 10 p.m. restoration for just over 100 affected customers; the same estimate is provided for 66 customers south of the village.

Meanwhile, the neighbouring “Vankleek Hill” district  has nearly 6,900 customers awaiting the restoration of service. Hydro One suggests electricity will return there no later than 5 p.m.

And in “Brockville district,” 1,769 customers will wait until 3 p.m. for power to return, the utility predicts.

A screen shot of Hydro One outages in “Brockville district,” “Winchester district,” and some of the “Vankleek Hill” district — aka Eastern Ontario. Click the image to access the utility’s Storm Centre map directly.

Courtesy photo by Tyler Leduc.



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