Chesterville Bowling Lanes’ Pin Tallies

For the week ended April 15, 2018

The latest results of play at Chesterville Bowling Lanes …

Stormont Ladies: Ladies’ High Single, Elaine Duke 234; Ladies’ High Triple, Hilda Gillard 610. Team Standings: Kathy 330, Susan 291.5, Hilda 289, Pat 280, Elaine 258.5.

 Monday Men’s: Men’s High Single, Oswald Linton 317; Men’s High Triple, Oswald Linton 778. Team Standings: Raiders 40, Country Boys 34, Alley Cats 33, A-Team 30, East-Ont 30, Alley Rats 22.

 Busy Matrons: Ladies’ High Single, Mary Derue 212; Ladies’ High Triple, Mary Derue 548. Team Standings: Hope 32, Charity 31.5,Love 31.5, Faith 25.

 Defenders: Men’s High Single, Glendon Moore 244; Men’s High Triple, Andy Chrysler 596; Ladies’ High Single, Diane Lacasse 224; Ladies’ High Triple, Diane Lacasse 545. Team Standings: Becky 45, Divas+D 36, Brian 35, Glendon 34, Gwen 30.

 Matilda: Ladies’ High Single, Anita Schmid 246; Ladies’ High Triple, Anita Schmid 634; Men’s High Single, Danny Scheuner 281; Men’s High Triple, Danny Scheuner 789. Team Standings: Danny +507, Walter +197, Jake +155, Brent +99, Kevin -147, Gary -229.

 Thursday Seniors: Men’s High Single, Ross Bennet 210; Men’s High Triple, John McGarrety 539; Ladies’ High Single, Diny Meulenbroek 191; Ladies’ High Triple, Diny Meulenbroek 468.

 Les Dynamiques: Men’s High Single, Laurier Leduc 219; Men’s High Triple, Pierre Briere 535; Ladies’ High Single, Christiane Bouchard 196; Ladies’ High Triple, Christiane Bouchard 471.

 Williamsburg Mixed: Men’s High Single, Garry Hutt 322; Men’s High Triple, Danny Holmes 758; Ladies’ High Single, Judy Simser 201; Ladies’ High Triple, Judy Simser 505. Team Standings: Nut Jobs 9484, Carolyn’s Pussycats 9393, Spaceballs 9264, Fast & Furious 9202, Smurfs 8692.

 Winchester Odd Couples: Men’s High Single, Bryan Holmes 330; Men’s High Triple, Matt Hartle 811; Men’s High Average, Matt Hartle 231; Ladies’ High Single, Pat Middleton 203; Ladies’ High Triple, Pat Middleton 587; Ladies High Average, Pat Middleton 159. Team Standings: Dave’s Team 255.5, Last Pin Standing 245.5, The Baileys 245, The Randoms 210, The Bandits 194.


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