North Dundas releases revamped resource guide

WINCHESTER — The Township of North Dundas has turned a page with its newly released and revamped semi-annual Resource Guide.

Mailed out earlier this month, most township residents should have by now received a copy of Live. Work. Play. Explore North Dundas — the title of the Spring/Summer edition.

The full-colour, 34-page spread on semi-gloss paper delivers a more magazine-like feel than previous seasonal guides issued by the municipality. Explore North Dundas clearly aims for a bit of the upscale character and flair of Edible Ottawa — that locally well-received foodie mag emanating from the Nation’s Capital.

The approach reflects in the content as well, moving beyond basic listings of township services and recreation programs of the typical guide.  Inside are several business profiles highlighting the tangible realities of enterprise and success in North Dundas, intermingled with high-quality photos to bring the stories to life. Of course, you’ll still find tidbits of information about hazardous waste days, burn permits and a variety of other public service matters the township wants to keep top of mind, along with the smorgasbord of recreational activities being organized for the upcoming season. Ballroom dancing, anyone?

Featured in this edition’s pages are entrepreneurs whose vocations run the gamut from making wine to making houses and kitchens.

Contributors to the publication include journalist Nelson Zandbergen of Nation Valley News, photographer Gina Dragone and Graphic Designer Susan Marriner of Marriner Design.

In keeping with the contemporary era, the modern, final product was released in concert with an online version: And those virtual pages are even optimized to properly interact with your device or computer. Read it here.

An open page inside the new guide. Give it a click to see the full online edition!



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