Groovy Little Orchestra announced as entertainment for this year’s WDMH Disco Gala

Seen in image above: A 7-piece band, The Groovy Little Orchestra, will bring Saturday Night Fever when they hit the stage at the annual WDMH Gala. Courtesy photos

“We can’t wait to wear our disco clothes!”

WINCHESTER — The Groovy Little Orchestra band members are getting out their disco duds and getting ready to head to Winchester for Saturday Night Fever, the WDMH Disco Gala on June 16th at the Winchester Community Centre. And they say they can’t wait!

“We love to play that kind of music,” says Nic Carey. “But what I like the most are the costumes. Absolutely!” At the gala, the seven-piece orchestra, complete with trumpet and saxophone, will entertain guests. “We’re proud and honoured to come to Winchester and support the local hospital,” Nic adds.

Music is truly a family affair explains Nic. “My mother was a music teacher and I remember when my brother and I put on a show for her students,” he recalls. “We’re still here!” In fact, most of the band members have music degrees and the core group has been performing together since 1997.

The Gala Committee is working hard to plan an evening of fun, disco dancing and delicious food. The evening will also include live and silent auctions, a 50/50 contest, 70s games, a photo booth and much more. And if you don’t have disco duds, no problem. Sharp casual outfits are just fine.

Proceeds from the event go to the Family Care Fund, supporting care for families just like yours. “Many people are not aware that our tax dollars do not fund everything that a hospital needs. This event is one of the many ways we are raising money to help ensure compassionate, excellent health care at WDMH,” adds Kristen.

Tickets are now on sale for $125 each. Contact the Foundation Office at 613-774-2422, ext. 6162 to purchase yours.


Featured act Groovy Little Orchestra will play this year’s disco-themed Gala (also shown in the images below).

Below, a 2014 performance by Groovy Little Orchestra.


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