Kin Club of Russell is Growing

Courtesy photo

Now 42 members strong

RUSSELL — At their last month’s meeting in March, the Kin Club of Russell grew by four new members – Elizabeth Kola, Trevor Findlay, Diane Hayes and Dave Picard. Not to be outdone, they grew by another eleven new members at their April monthly meeting – José Bluteau, Trista Georges, Marty & Maria Chesser, Diane Perron, Elizabeth Ferguson, Rick & Marg McCabe, James Egan, Kim Picard and Meghan Gagnon.

Standing now at 42 members strong, the Kin Club is preparing for the Russell Township Sports Dome Opening Ceremonies and Recognition Gala on May 5, an end to their current Catch the Ace lottery on May 6 (if it doesn’t go the Sunday before) as they will draw until the jackpot (estimated to be $30,000) is given away, followed by Poutmasters Fishing Derby May 11 – 13 with a $500 Day at Stella’s Spa being given away for Mother’s Day to some lucky fisherman.

The Kin Club of Russell also selected its next new strategic project to work on, which will be ratified and revealed at their next general meeting on May 28. For more information about kin or its projects, please visit or its FaceBook page at Kin Club of Russell.

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