Marijuana in the Workplace – the Implications are Significant

CORNWALL —  Businesses don’t yet realize the impact of marijuana in the workplace, once it has been legalized. That’s according to the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce.

“This is one of the most significant changes in the workplace in recent years, states Executive Manager, Lezlie Strasser. “The Chamber is concerned about how businesses will be able to adjust and it’s important we help them to address the issue.”

The Chamber, in conjunction with the Community Futures Development Corporation and the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre, will host a luncheon on May 9 to highlight the impact of marijuana in the workplace and help businesses to understand how it can affect them. Special guest presenter will be Ivan Ross, widely recognized as an industry expert in the field of medical marijuana and the emerging environment of legalized marijuana.

Strasser made reference to a marijuana workshop delivered last fall at the Alberta Health and Safety Conference. “Workshop presenter, Patrick J. Delaney, noted some of the acute effects of the drug,” she says. “The effects included, euphoria, changes in perception, time distortion, attention deficits, and impaired motor functioning.”

She continued. “Delaney also spoke of impairment effects that can linger for well beyond 24 hours after a single use and up to 20 days for chronic users.” Health Canada has reported that cannabis use is associated with a sevenfold estimated risk of being involved in a fatal accident.

“Businesses and HR professionals will want to attend the luncheon seminar,” says Strasser. “Presenter Ross will walk delegates through the implications of marijuana in the workplace and how they will have to adjust their management practices.”

The luncheon will be held at Ramada Cornwall on Wednesday, May 9 beginning at 12:00 noon. Tickets are $20.00 + HST and may be purchased by contacting Lyette Montford at the Chamber office: 613-933-4004 or, on line at:

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