Train “NOW” Ontario entrepreur Lisa Boucher ‘now’ open for business in Chesterville

Seen in image above: First St. John Ambulance partner provider in Ontario, Lisa Lalonde-Boucher, held a grand opening event at her 29 King Steet West establishment last Friday, April 28 from 10-2 p.m. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

First St. John Ambulance partner provider in Ontario

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

CHESTERVILLE — The time to learn first aid and CPR is “NOW”! Lisa Lalonde-Boucher of Train “NOW” Ontario officially opened for business last Friday, April 20 and held a grand opening from 10-2 p.m.

Lalonde-Boucher held the debut event at her new permanent space, 29 King Street, Chesterville.

She has over six years of experience through St. John Ambulance. During her time with that entity, Boucher discovered that although there were many first aid classes available in the cities (Brockville, Cornwall, and Ottawa) there were no thorough classes available to rural residents. She soon approached St. John’s with the idea of becoming an rurally-based independent instructor.

Lalonde-Boucher is now the first St. John Ambulance partner provider in Ontario.

The medical first responder began running her independent business, Train “NOW” Ontario, out of her home office.

The business took off rather quickly and Lalonde-Boucher soon realized she needed a bigger space.

The multi-talented entrepreneur runs clinics, classes, and programs for not only humans, but horses and pets as well.

Human CPR and First Aid Programs:

  • Emergency Level A or C + AED Basic First Aid
  • Standard First Aid CPR + AED Offered in Level A, C, HCP
  • Renewal Certifications Levels A,C, HCP
  • Baby Sitting and Home Alone

Equine Programs:

  • Emergency Equine First Aid
  • Equine Basic
  • Hoof to Heart Equine Management Certificate

Pet Programs:

  • Pet First Aid
  • Kids Kennel Club

Classes are offered both on and off-site. With a minimum of 8 participants, rather than the 10 minimum norm. Private lessons are also available.

Lalonde-Boucher explained that the idea of offering equine courses came to her after the closure of Kemptville College. “Now that Kemptville College is gone the only equine courses are in Guelph.”

Train “NOW” Ontario also has merchandise and first aid kits to purchase.

As the Eastern Ontario representative for Tack-Two Emergency Medical Services and Fire Suppression Inc., Lalonde-Boucher also manages 35 Eastern Ontario event medics out of her King St. establishment.

As if owning her own business isn’t enough, Lalonde-Boucher also serves as a medical first responder, veterinary technician, a firefighter for the Township of North Dundas.

The Chesterville resident was born to teach. She exudes confidence, energy, charisma. Her friendly personality makes people want to learn something that some would consider to be redundant.

The animal enthusiast and first aid responder absolutely loves her job. She started working with a vet at the very young age of 13 and began taking horseback riding lessons at only 5-years-old.

For more information check out her website, Facebook page, call her at 613-857-8706, or visit her booth at the North Dundas Local Business Expo this Saturday, April 28.

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