Please give us hope, Doug Ford, after Wynne government’s Friday night approval for Nation Rise Wind project

The Editor:

Good morning, Mr. Ford.

Despite the fact that the Township of North Stormont voted against being a willing host to industrial wind turbinesm, and despite the fact that the residents of North Stormont wrote hundreds if not thousands of pages of concerns to the MOECC on the proposed project, and despite the fact that electricity to be generated from the turbines is not needed, and despite the fact that wind turbines are making hydro prices unaffordable for many people and businesses in Ontario, and despite the fact that there are thousands of outstanding complaints of noise and water well issues as a result of wind turbines that the MOECC is not bothering to investigate in existing projects — on late Friday night the MOECC issued approval to ram 30 plus turbines into our beautiful township days or hours before the writ is dropped for the June election.

Here’s the kicker: Despite the fact that the MOECC came out with new noise regulations several years  ago, the project proponent is choosing to use the old noise regulations, which is perfectly fine by the MOECC.

What is the difference between between the old and new noise regulations you may ask?

Well, the old regulations allows the project proponent to put up more than three times the number of wind turbines than the new regulations would allow in the township.

Nice, eh?

Perhaps Mr. Ford [Progressive Conservative Party leader] can give the devastated residents of North Stormont a little encouragement as we prepare to spend thousands of dollars of our hard-earned dollars to protect our rights, health and the environment against Ms. Wynne, the MOECC and Portuguese-based wind turbine company.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Raymond Grady,


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