Tammy Hart announces mayoral bid in South Stormont

South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart. Courtesy photo

NEWINGTON— South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart wants to be mayor of her township.

Known for her unabashed small-c conservative values, the veteran member of South Stormont council announced her mayoral bid today, May 13.

Says the Newington-area dairy farmer and grandmother of six in a press release issued today:

I have had the pleasure of representing South Stormont constituents for a total of twelve years; four as a Councillor and eight as a Deputy Mayor.

Our Township has grown in leaps and bounds.  

The past four years have been extremely productive and cohesive.  I am proud to say that our Council worked well with all staff and employees.  

We have excellent infrastructure, the second lowest taxes in SDG and we provide the best recreational services in the area.

I want to continue to grow South Stormont and maintain our excellent fiscal accountability.

I plan on keeping taxes low, promoting shopping locally, growing our businesses and inviting development.

I will continue to communicate in a transparent and honest manner to anyone who chooses to call South Stormont their home.

These are only a few of my objectives.  

I hope to be elected as Mayor of South Stormont on October 22nd 2018.

South Stormont’s current mayor, Jim Bancroft, is not running for re-election. For the moment, Hart is the only candidate vying to be his successor.

Courtesy photo

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