‘Floppy’ sign lasts less than a month in Chesterville

A photoshopped rendition of what the floppy speed sign looked like while it still existed in Chesterville.

‘Destroyed’ by drivers running it over on purpose, according to township

CHESTERVILLE — The Township of North Dundas’s experiment with centreline speed-limit signs barely lasted a month in Chesterville, where a single example was repeatedly run over and damaged beyond use.

The unit was “totally destroyed,” Dan Belleau said by email today, a day after the township pulled it from service. “We have removed it for the time being; someone is purposely driving over them,” wrote the North Dundas Director of Public Works. “We don’t believe it was caused by large farm equipment.”

Valued at about $200, the skinny upright signs feature a spring-loaded, hinged bottom, allowing them to pop back up if hit occasionally. Bolted into the asphalt at the middle of Main Street South, just south of St. Mary’s School, the single Chesterville sign was one of three installed by the township this spring as a village traffic-calming measure. The other two are located in Winchester and remain in place.

North Dundas Council opted to try out the floppy signs after seeing them installed in places like Osgoode.


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