Springtime Matching Gift Program supports WDMH’s operating room

Anonymous Donor will match up to $25,000

WINCHESTER — Everyone has a reason to give to Winchester District Memorial Hospital. A local donor says he was inspired by WDMH staff and their compassionate care and now he wants to give back. In fact, he wants to match all of the gifts given to this program between now and June 15, up to $25,000.

“I was quite surprised to learn that our tax dollars do not pay for medical equipment that hospitals need,” noted the donor. “I hope to make a meaningful difference for patients at WDMH by helping purchase much-needed equipment that will benefit patients for many years to come. I hope you will join me and take advantage of my offer to match your gift.”

Spring also means that the Foundation is at the beginning of a new year and has a new #1 priority medical equipment need. WDMH needs to replace the 10-year-old anesthetic machines in our 3 operating rooms. WDMH performed 4,512 surgeries last year alone and these machines were used for almost all of them. The estimated cost for all three machines is $211,000.

The machines are used to monitor patients during surgery and to provide anesthetic gas to keep patients asleep. They are also used to provide ventilation and oxygen during surgery. This allows the operating room team to provide a controlled, safe environment that protects and monitors patients comfort levels while they undergo surgery.









“I am continually impressed with the pride and care that local communities have for this hospital. This community is what makes this a special place to work and receive care,” sums up Dr. Lucas Gil, WDMH’s Chief of Anesthesiology. “Equipment such as this has a direct impact on the clinical care that WDMH provides. Thank you for your ongoing support and consideration.”

“Everyone gives for a different reason, but we do know that impact to the cause is one of the most important reasons someone will choose to make a gift. That is why we are so honoured and grateful for the support of this anonymous donor,” adds the Foundation’s Managing Director,

Kristen Casselman. “I hope that this generous offer inspires people who care about WDMH to give what they can – every single donation will make a difference for our OR patients and surgical team.”

Donors who make a gift by Friday, June 15 toward the “Spring Matching Gift Program” either through print flyer (seen below), in person at the WDMH Foundation office, or online on Canada Helps at https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/winchester-district-memorial-hospital-foundation/ will have their gift doubled, up to a maximum of $25,000.

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