Another eastbound truck ditches at 401 Morrisburg

Smith photo, Nation Valley News

MORRISBURG — Crews were spotted retrieving the wayward vehicle from the median separating east- and westbound lanes of the highway at Morrisburg, yesterday afternoon (May 24).

The Penske rental cube truck appeared to have sustained substantial damage, leaning hard to one side in the centre ditch, in photos at noon by Nation Valley News from the Church Rd. overpass. Police were not present by that time.

The vehicle looked as though it had been eastbound, heading towards the Morrisburg overpass when it entered the median. Visible tracks in the grass seem to indicate the vehicle travelled a considerable distance through the bottom of the median before coming to rest — fortunately without entering the oncoming westbound lanes of traffic.

The incident was somewhat reminiscent the ditching of an eastbound transport truck near Morrisburg last fall.

This article was corrected to indicate the location of the ditched truck at the Church Rd. overpass.



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