S. Dundas and S. Stormont put “Upper Canada Region” back on the map

The new Upper Canada Region Adventure Map. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

SOUTH DUNDAS — A pair of local municipalities on the Seaway have mapped out a new milestone for their joint marketing identity.

Launched May 24, the 2018 ‘Upper Canada Region Adventure Map’ highlights nearly 30 tourism and recreation destinations and other points of interest in South Stormont and South Dundas.

Both lower-tier municipalities lie in the vicinity of St. Lawrence Parks Commission attractions, including famous Upper Canada Village — a fact that led the neighbouring jurisdictions to select “Upper Canada Region” as a combined marketing moniker to augment their otherwise nondescript municipal identities a decade ago.

Geared toward visitors looking to escape for a short getaway, their new map’s sturdy, compact format allows for easy folding into a pocket or bag. The enclosed information includes descriptions and photos of highlighted places — from historical sites to camping to wineries and breweries. A digital version is slated for release on both municipal websites — UpperCanadaRegion.ca — as well as the newly launched SDG Tourism website, WhereOntarioBegan.ca.

“Residents within the Upper Canada Region know that we have a lot to offer, and tourism marketing pieces like the Adventure Map are going to ensure people from outside the area know that too,” said South Stormont Mayor Jim Bancroft at the launch event at South Dundas municipal headquarters in Morrisburg.

“South Dundas and South Stormont have partnered on a number of tourism marketing initiatives and the Adventure Map will continue to strengthen that partnership and promote the Upper Canada Region brand,” added South Dundas Mayor Evonne Delegarde.

Featuring cardstock covers printed with an historical scene from Upper Canada Village, 10,000 copies have been printed. They’re available at Visitor Information Centres in SDG, South Stormont and South Dundas, municipal offices and select businesses in the area.


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