Juli Fashion, where fun and fashion are always in style!

Seen in image above: Helen Derix (left) proprietor of Juli Fashion and Debbie LaChapelle (right) Store Manager. Smith photo, Nation Valley News


“There’s never a dull moment!”

Find the latest fashions, to add to your summer wardrobe, at great prices while having a few laughs and shopping locally!
Helen Derix purchased the store and was going to run it with her dear friend Connie Bennis, then sadly, Bennis passed away just a month later.

Since taking over ownership — December 1, 2016 — Derix has brought in several more designers and suppliers.

Suppliers include;

  • Joseph Ribkoff
  • Simon Chang
  • Lisette
  • Pretty Women
  • Today’s Designer
  • Red Coral
  • Lavena
  • Juli
  • Zooni
  • Rapz
  • Jacqueline Kent
  • Empress Easy Wear
  • Crystal
  • Compote

She also offers a vast collection of jewellry, scarves, and hats.

Derix also knows how hard it can be for women to find beautiful clothes at affordable cost, and that actually fit.

Seen in image above: Just some of the beautiful clothing for purchase at Juli Fashion. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

After taking over the business she decided to introduce more sizes because she wanted to “cater to baby boomers and plus sizes.”

Juli Fashion clothes range from size small to 3X.

If sizes are not available they will arrange to have them ordered in for their customers and in most cases can have them in within a few days.

“We like to do things old-fashioned way,” Derix explained.

If customers come in and try clothes on and they don’t quite fit they will have them pinned and sent to a seamstress. They would then pick them up and call the customer once they are finished being altered.

Anyone who knows Helen knows she loves to have a good time, tell jokes, and make people laugh.

“We always have balloons or some sort of decorations in the store. There’s always lots of jokes and lots of fun!” said Derix.

“There’s never a dull moment! Every customer walks out laughing most of the time!” she continued.

Derix loves giving back to her community.

She looks forward to receiving a plaque from the Upper Canada Playhouse on June 9, thanking her for being a major sponsor.

The store also participates in numerous fundraisers including fashion shows. They were involved in 17 last year and seven so far this year.

They have 27 models ranging in age from 17 to 80 that take turns ‘strutting their stuff’ on the catwalk.

“The models just love it!” bragged Derix.

Her free-spirited personality shines through at every show.

She narrates during the show while telling many jokes and the models always wear a hat or headpiece.

“Our logo is our hats!” the store owner exclaimed.

There are always great deals to be had at Juli Fashion.

“Our store always has 25 percent off!” said Derix.

There are often racks outside the store marked as $10 or 50 percent off.

Seen in image above: Just one example of great sales to be had at Juli Fashion. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

The comical proprietor proclaimed,” We’re in a nice area where are customers can sit and relax.” She pointed out the fact that they have a beautiful outdoor space which includes flowers and picnic tables.

Louise Vauchon is the store’s main Fashion Coordinator, and is in charge of ordering and marketing.

She laughed and explained, “If there’s no music in the store, there’s something wrong!”

They have over 2500 songs saved to a playlist covering all different genres of music and tastes. From Country, to Elvis and Tom Jones.

“You never know when you might walk in on someone dancing!” the ladies laughed.

Morrisburg is a very touristic village that attracts people from all over the world. Derix is able to greet people in six different languages including; English, Dutch, French, Greek, Italian, and German.  

Seen in image above: Juli Fashion is located at 57 Main Street down the centre aisle of the Morrisburg Shopping Area, near the clocktower. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Stop in between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Sunday to Monday to see the fun for yourself! Located down the centre aisle of the Morrisburg Shopping Area by the clocktower, there’s something inside Juli Fashion for every woman!

Also checkout their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JuliFashionEssentials/ to view their full lines.

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