WDMH recognizes professional, team players

Seen in image above: The latest Commitment Award recipients are (l-r): Karen Chambers, Corporate Manager, Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits. Simon Duncan, Research Volunteer and Dr. Jennifer Ingram-Crooks, Chief of Family Medicine. Courtesy photo

Professional, team players.

WINCHESTER — That is the common thread among Winchester District Memorial Hospital’s (WDMH) newest Commitment Award recipients. Each of these WDMH team members is known for going above and beyond to do their job and to support their colleagues. Congratulations to Karen Chambers, Simon Duncan and Dr. Jennifer Ingram-Crooks.

When preparing their nomination for Karen Chambers, her colleagues noted that Karen is one of those people where the ‘over and above’ quality is there all the time. “Karen is a long time WDMH employee and has in one way or another worked with every employee in our hospital. Her ability to make a person feel welcome is key in her role and I have seen Karen working with new staff, putting the fear that is felt when starting a new job at ease. Karen is always professional, a team player and an extremely dedicated employee. Her calmness is key in her position – it is the starting point for every new person walking through our doors.”

Simon Duncan has been a research volunteer since October 2017. His nominators noted: “He functions greatly within the team and always shows respect to others. He always brings up new research questions or innovative ideas to solve existing issues especially when it comes to challenges of elderly patients in rural settings. He is a great learner and doesn’t hesitate to ask questions or search for answers by himself. Even though he is a volunteer, his accountability makes him no different from any employee.”

As Chief of Family Medicine, Dr. Jennifer Ingram-Crooks is known to be extremely involved and dedicated to WDMH and our patients. Over the past few months, she has been exemplary in her commitment to changing and improving the system for caring for patients who do not have a family doctor. She has personally worked many clinical hours to ensure adequate coverage. “Dr. Ingram-Crooks is a pleasure to work with and provides excellent medical care to her patients. She is a great asset to Winchester District Memorial Hospital and to the community. We believe she is a very worthy candidate for the Commitment Award.”

The Commitment Awards shine a light on individuals or teams that demonstrate the values that result in compassionate excellence. Congratulations to all the nominees.

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