One Tree at a Time – 127,250 Trees Planted by SNC in May

At the Rideau Scouts' Camp Sheldrick in North Dundas, South Nation Conservation (SNC) oversaw the planting of its three millionth tree. In the ceremonial photo are (in front) John Mesman, SNC, and Quinn McPherson, 11, Youth Spokesperson for the 104th Ottawa Scouts. In back, from left: Doug Thompson, Past Chair, SNC; Archie Mellan, Councillor, South Dundas; Mayor Eric Duncan and Deputy Mayor Gerry Boyce, Township of North Dundas; Mayor Fernand Dicaire, Township of Alfred and Plantagenet and Chair of SNC; Bill Smirle, Vice-Chair, SNC; and Lawrence Levere, SNC. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

NATION VALLEY — Every spring, South Nation Conservation (SNC) works with municipalities and property owners to plant trees and shrubs; creating a greener summer and future. 127,250 tree seedlings have now been put into the ground in 2018 through SNC’s forestry programs, community tree giveaways and tree planting events.

“Trees provide many unique benefits; they add aesthetic appeal, provide shade and can even increase property value,” said Cheyene Brunet, SNC’s Forestry Technician. “Plus, planting trees is a great way to enhance local forest cover and help reduce erosion.”

Within Larose Forest, the second-largest man-made community forest in Ontario, over 35,000 trees were planted on land owned by the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.

Through a partnership with Forest Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program, SNC has planted over 77,000 trees on 28 properties throughout the region. Free site-visits, tree planting services and tending are available to residents enrolled in the program.

This year, over 9,800 seedlings were given out to 45 residents through SNC’s Over the Counter Program. Minimum orders of 100 trees are needed, and SNC provides tree seedlings at a reduced rate.

Since 1990, SNC has been working with partner agencies like Scouts Canada and Association des scouts du Canada on community tree planting projects. This year marked a milestone for these partnerships with SNC planting the 3 millionth tree together with the support of hundreds of regional scouts at Camp Sheldrick, an SNC-owned Conservation Area in Winchester.

With the support of local scouts, a three-year tree-planting project wrapped up in the Nation Municipality where over 35,000 trees were planted on 40 acres of land surrounding the municipal wastewater treatment facility outside of St.Isidore; contributing to future filtration of drinking water sources.

SNC and local scouts also helped plant larger trees in the City of Clarence-Rockland to help improve riparian tree cover around Clarence Creek and Cobb Lake Creek. Funding support was provided by the provinces Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund.

Annual tree giveaways, sponsored by GFL Environmental in Moose Creek and Tartan and Tamarack Homes in Findlay Creek, encourage residents plant trees and shrubs on their properties. Training and advice on how to plant and care for trees is supplied by SNC.

“Residents within SNC’s jurisdiction can order conifer and deciduous trees and shrubs from SNC at a reduce rate. All seedlings are sourced from SNC’s seed zone and are native stock to Ontario. Saplings are locally sourced from Ferguson Forest Centre, in Kemptville,” said Brunet.

With the help of its partners, SNC was able to break records and set important tree planting milestones across the watershed. Sights are already set on the 2019 spring planting season. Want to plant trees? Call SNC today!

For more information on Tree Planting, Woodlot Advisory Service, and Ontario Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program: Cheyene Brunet, 1-877-984-2948, ext. 295,

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