Tugs still tackling tanker mired off Morrisburg

Courtesy photo by Brian McRae

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

MORRISBURG — It has been over 53 hours since the Chem Norma came to rest along the Morrisburg shoreline. Two tugboats arrived yesterday morning and according to the Communications and Public Relations Officer Andrew Bogora of the St.Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation, they “did make an attempt to gently free the ship but it was not successful.”

Marinetraffic.com shows the current location of the Chem Norma in this custom Google Maps map image. It also lists Sarnia as the ship’s final destination.

The vessel and tugboats will remain in position until further notice as “nothing is definitive” at the moment. Bogora explained that he would be speaking with his Senior Marine Officer this morning and they along with several other agencies will be “assessing all relevant possibilities.”

Courtesy photo by Brian McRea

Nation Valley News questioned the Communications and Public Relations Officer whether the tanker might be hung up on the edge of the old Morrisburg canal, which lies submerged off shore since the flooding of the Seaway nearly 60 years ago.

Courtesy photo by Brian McRea

“There does not appear to be any issue with the old built up area,” said Bogora. He explained that after further investigation of the “vague outline” of the Chem Norma indicates that it is resting on a built-up sand pile which he called a “sandy shoal.”

Nation Valley News waits on further information from the Communications and Public Relations Officer and details will be posted as soon as the information arrives.



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