Act Now to tell your candidates why ag and rural matter

by Peggy Brekveld,
Vice President, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

We’re almost there. Election day looms for Ontarians as both candidates and party leaders vie for our votes.

We, as Ontario voters, have watched the debates, read party platforms and talked to local candidates to see for ourselves who will represent us at Queen’s Park. And, if you haven’t already, it’s soon time to make a decision.

The 2018 provincial election has been a bit of a roller coaster, in regards to who is leading in the polls, but one important question still remains – who will represent Ontario agriculture and our rural communities? And who will work with us to produce prosperity across Ontario?

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA), along with our county federations and local members, have been working hard to raise the importance of Ontario’s agri-food sector and rural communities with party leaders and candidates throughout the election.

We’ve been explaining our Producing Prosperity in Ontario campaign. We’re calling for necessary public investments to permit affordable energy access for farms and rural residents. We need improved infrastructure, such as proper roads and bridges, secure social infrastructure such as local rural schools and health care. And we need reliable internet that will keep farms, local businesses and communities better connected and competitive in today’s digital world.

OFA has made it clear – a little attention and public investment in agriculture and rural Ontario will go a long way. We’re talking about real payoffs for the entire province. New jobs will be created. Affordable energy will lead to significant income savings that can be invested back into our communities. Solid roads and bridges will allow goods, services and trades to travel easily through our communities. And, reliable broadband will see new rural education and employment options.

Rural Ontario and our agricultural industry have the potential to produce prosperity for every Ontarian. And there’s still time to tell our candidates.

OFA is asking all members to visit to send an electronic letter directly to their local candidates and each party leader. The letter clearly explains OFA’s Producing Prosperity in Ontario campaign and why agriculture and rural Ontario matter.

It’s important that election candidates understand the potential agriculture and rural hold because the successful candidate will form the next government. Visit and speak up.

And, to all of our members who have been so active engaging with MPP candidates throughout the election, talking about the benefits of Ontario agriculture to the entire province, on behalf of OFA, many thanks!

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