Why vote PC this election? Asks letter writer

Dear Mr. Jim McDonell and North Stormont Council,

So you don’t know who to support in the upcoming Provincial election this week? Maybe you don’t usually vote? We are fortunate to have a great candidate representing the PC party in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.

This election, I am asking fellow residents to support the PC candidate, Jim McDonell. I have selfish reasons for publicly asking for your PC support for the June 7 vote. I live in North Stormont – the proposed home of the Nation Rise industrial wind turbine project. This is a provincial Liberal government decision directly related to the Green Energy Act. Mr. McDonell has stated that the PC party will eliminate the Green Energy Act, thus stopping the planned Nation Rise project. Some of you will not want to pay a cancellation penalty but that will be a very small financial output compared to the many increases in costs connected to the potential installation of Nation Rise turbines.

The local municipal council of North Stormont has declared our township as a non- host, but the province has pushed it on us regardless. There are many scientific studies to support the issues of concern regarding these industrial turbines that may be more than sixty (yes 60!) storeys in height. Concerns regarding numerous health challenges related to their functioning. Concerns with our very delicate aquifer in this region and ongoing clean water supply for thousands of residents and many businesses. Concerns with the extreme cost of Hydro with these wind contracts- energy that we don’t need! Concerns with destruction of our natural environment – excellent farmland, beautiful trees, many kinds of birds, bats and animals. Concerns with extreme danger from ice being flung off of the blades of these monstrous turbines. Concerns with decreased property values. And this is not a complete list of related issues.

What if the next government in power doesn’t change the Green Energy Act?

IF Nation Rise turbines proceed to be built the ripple effect in our area will be huge! Let’s think of a few scenarios. What IF our water supply is damaged? What IF you don’t have a safe water supply anymore? Will that affect you? Your employer? Where you play and relax? Where you buy your food or meals? Where you socialize? Where you attend community events? Where your children attend school? What IF your children’s local school is closed? Where you worship? Will it affect your cattle or pets? Will it affect anyone providing services in this region? Will it affect everyone living in this region and beyond? Yes! And not just financially but socially, mentally and physically as well.

Think of this – possibly your largest investment – your home and property. What IF values drop considerably? What IF it becomes very difficult to sell your home/property and if you do sell you most likely will have to take a major financial loss? How do you maintain your current home and lifestyle without fresh water from your tapes? Can you sell your home without fresh water? Can you stay in your home IF your income is negatively affected due to these turbines? Can you stay in your home IF all your expenses have dramatically increased directly or as others deal with increases in the cost of doing business? Can you afford a large increase in your Hydro costs? What if you have to relocate to secure employment but can’t sell your home? Can you afford this? I know I can’t.

What IF your health is negatively affected by these industrial turbines? Will you have extra funds for the medical care you will be seeking? Will you be able to maintain your employment if you are exhausted and ill for an extended period of time? Will you have to seek treatment out of this area due to your local medical providers also being affected financially? What IF you are a senior and wish to stay in your home? Will you be able to afford the extra medical costs as well as hiring help so you can stay at home? What will you eliminate from your budget to be able to afford medical care and the necessary aid to stay in your home? Will it be food? Donations to

charities? Helping extended family members? Will you cut back on the physical help you need? What IF you just can’t stay in your home? Do you have enough funds for a retirement facility? OR will you have to move to a government long term care facility? Any one of these situations will cause a major impact in your life! Can you still live in this area with industrial turbines?

What IF you work for a local business that is also affected by these situations? What IF your employer has no fresh water? Will they close their business? IF they stay open, do you think the services they provide will be more expensive as they deal with obtaining water, ill staff and higher costs of Hydro?

Unfortunately, the scenarios are endless and yes, may seem very negative. But, I prefer to call it being practical and a real possibility. Several other areas of Ontario are already dealing with these issues as the Liberal government that provided the Green Energy Act promoted industrial wind turbines across the province.

With the deletion of the Green Energy Act and the industrial turbines in mind, please vote for our local PC Candidate Jim McDonell. For those of you who are disenchanted with our political environment you might have to “hold your nose and vote”. BUT, please support the PC government this election if only to save our special part of Ontario….. North Stormont.


Just another concerned citizen of North Stormont,

Cheryl Irven

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