Thank-you isn’t enough, Kathleen Wynne

Nation Valley News images are combined to show Kathleen Wynne looming over a Brinston landscape, site of the South Branch Wind Project — precursor to the planned Nation Rise Wind Project in Berwick, subject of this letter. Nation Valley News

Editor’s note: This letter was written in response to a circulated email from Kathleen Wynne to Liberal Party faithful on election night, thanking them for “unflagging support” prior to her June 7 defeat.

The Editor:

You chose to follow your predecessor’s act; the Green Energy Act to callously inflict so much pain and anguish, not to mention financial burden on the people of Ontario.  Instead of listening to people who were simply asking for help, understanding research, you ploughed ahead having IESO and then MOECC approve costly, unsafe industrial wind turbine power projects.  You refused to acknowledge what was happening and as a result for over five years people along Lake Huron, Wolfe Island, Amherst Island have been suffering.  We, ourselves, have been fighting to stop the wind project in North Stormont since 2014 and right to the end you callously ignored our pleas.  After over 3000 people from 5 areas simply asked you to abide by your own lower, safer noise guidelines; on Monday, April 30, you allowed MOECC to approve the Nation Rise Wind project May 4, which was unnecessary, located on prime agricultural land and over a fragile water esker and then dissolved parliament on the following Tuesday.

You have no idea how much pain you created.  You refused to go to Amherst Island and see its devestation this past winter, you refused to do anything about the sediment filled water even after multiple requests in the legislature.  You refused to address the thousands of noise issues.

Kathleen, I was very glad to finally have had the opportunity at St. Albert’s Cheese plant  to look you in the eye and ask you, why?

Your callous and cruel actions are how we will remember you.

Ruby and Joe Mekker,

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