A sampling of some Winchester businesses

Kim Cruthers and her daughter Alexa at ‘Bridals By Al-mor.’

by Christine Dorothy Fripp


You will be awed inside ‘Bridal’s by Al-Mor’ by the myriad of white bridal gowns lining the walls in the boutique.

You will walk into a different world, surrounded by hundreds of wispy wedding dresses and you just may wish you could get married dozens of times just to try out your favourite ones. It’s impressive, too, that owner, Kim Cruthers, had six children. That is a business in itself.  Kim owned a bridal shop in Chesterville. When she outgrew the space, she moved to a larger store in Winchester and now has her well established shop at  494 Main Street. Kim’s daughters, Alexa and Miranda, work at the store and are an important part of this family business. Kim has an extensive background in retail sales and management, and segueing into her own business was a natural transition for her.

Her market includes local clients as well as those from Montreal, Ottawa and Kingston. If you are getting married, this is your go-to store.  And if you are not, you might just like to have a change of pace and dream a little!


Simply Baked Catering

From right, Cheryl Beasley, Anne Carriere, Claire Fagay at Simply Baked Catering.

Can you just imagine the smell of freshly baked bread? Or are sweets your preference?

You will find an abundance of palette delights at ‘Simply Baked’ at 493 Main Street in Winchester. Fortunately Anne Carriere, Claire Fagay and Cheryl Beasley decided to combine their culinary talents and business acumen to create a home spun bakery business. They chose the vibrant town of Winchester as their preferred location to establish  their business in January of 2018. They serve a large area, selling at Farmer’s Markets in North Gower, Chesterville and Kemptville.

‘Simply Baked’ offers delicious ready-made meals, cakes, cookies and other sweets, as well as a variety of inviting breads and buns.  They have a catering service for major functions such as weddings, funerals, graduations and business conferences. Anne’s many careers and dreams brought her join with Cherly and Claire to create ‘Simply Baked’, for her, a vision come true. As for Winchester, well, is a town really a ‘bone fide’ town without a bakery?


Samantha’s Emporium

Who would have thought that ‘Samantha’s  Emporium’ in Winchester was a place you could find unconventional treasures? There you will discover decorative items such as imaginative door knobs that give your furniture and doors a whole new look.  ‘Samantha’s Emporium’ also offers an eclectic choice of personalized things such as cups, napkins, sashes, even golf balls.

If you have a celebratory event, such as a family reunion, an anniversary, a wedding or a funeral, and need that special gift, ’Samantha’s Emporium’ is the place to go. ‘Samantha’s’ also provides recycled furniture, gifts and home decor.

Owner Samantha Chadwick moved to Winchester eleven years ago.  After marketing automobile paraphernalia such as signs, trinkets and things relating to cars, her company, ‘Classic Trends’ morphed into ’Samantha’s Emporium’ in 2017, which she established with her Mother Rosalyn Chadwick, at 507 St Lawrence Street. Samantha is enjoying and contributing to the boom times in this little town of Winchester.



Charity Baker of Winchester imagines an event where she could wear this gorgeous green gown.

Colin James is the owner and fashion consultant at ‘C Jam’ at 493 Main Street in Winchester. He designs and displays glorious gowns that are coveted by clients from Canada and the U.S.

His unique lines of clothing come from all over the world from places such as France, Australia, Asia, Tibet, Canada and the States. Colin modestly boasts of the high quality of his clothing as he highlights a shirt in bamboo.  He has been in town for four years and aside from his successful clothing business, Colin has established a speedy two-day dry cleaning service. In addition to all this, he offers a very reasonable alteration service where you can have clothes taken in, or out, depending on what kind of  year you’ve had.

Colin’s store is full of wardrobe delights from the tip of your toes to the top of your head.

You don’t want to miss seeing his enticing fashions next time you’re in town.


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